About Us

FacilitiesChapman mineral and service companies produce industrial minerals necessary for making products used by people every day.

L. R. Chapman, Inc., initially a highway contractor that also mined and sold coal, was formed in 1946. Today, it is part of a larger corporate umbrella and continues its mining operations. Being the only producer of high quality clays and shales in the Western Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and Southern Illinois area, the minerals company also stands as the only mining and production entity of high grade industrial sand in Kentucky.

With over 60 million tons of clay/shale reserves and over 20 million tons of industrial sand reserves on the company’s vast acreage, Chapman is poised to meet the needs of its current and future customers for many years.

TrucksIn addition, the company has developed and permitted several large blocks of acreage which are used to receive and store structural grade fill material. This service, which has proven invaluable to some of our large industrial customers, creates a very cost effective, environmentally secure, and orderly system for storing benign industrial by-products. Further, this unique service is provided to our clients at a fraction of the cost of developing, managing, and owning their own individual storage fills. The development of a service division has been well received in the area and continues to grow as an important part of Chapman’s overall operation.

Quality, efficiency, and value have always been our company goals. This dedication is shared by all of our employees, our most valuable asset.