Industrial Sand

SandWith over 20 million tons of reserves, Chapman’s sand division, Bluegrass Industrial Minerals, mines and processes a quartz sand that is utilized in a large number of consumer products.

Our modern processing facility produces numerous high quality sand products. Controlling iron oxides, aluminum oxides, and other compounds in our finished sands guarantees the consistent adherence to chemical specifications on which our customers rely. Bluegrass provides a number of different material grades by utilizing our state-of-the-art grading system. Our ever-present goal is to produce finished sands that conform to the close chemical and gradation detail to which our customers have become accustomed.

Foundry molds and castings, ceramics, and hydraulic fracturing for the natural gas well-drilling industry are among the many uses of sand for industrial and consumer products. Bluegrass also produces traction sand, industrial system sand, sand for insulation manufacturing, and equine track and arena surface material. Washed and sized sand is utilized in golf course bunkers and as a top dressing sand. Our 40/70 filter sand, when combined with peat moss, provides a quality material for turf applications. Bluegrass produces industrial sand which is utilized in products for asphalt sealing in addition to recreational, landscape, and play sand.

Sand TruckBeing the only sand processing facility in Kentucky has made Bluegrass Industrial Minerals a valuable component to the Chapman operation and to our community.